"How To Find Dead Simple Swing Trades that Double In Size Every Few Days!
Written by Mark Deaton on Dec. 10th, 2016
I'm going to assume your here because you see value in using price action and swing structure to lead you to high odds trades with extremely low risk, that are ready to explode!  And that you also like the idea of identifying trades that have the potential for a quick 2X, 3X and even 30X Profits!

I'm now going to show you how to identify the right candidate for range (money available to extract based on movement) plus, the simple easy tricks to zeroing in on the time frame that offers only the "House Odds" that make this child play!

I've taken the guesswork out and turned the "Dead Simple Swing Trading System" into a step by step approach that ends with a watch-list of up to 30 candidates.

You'll discover how to...
  • Find Stocks With 10X-30X Potential- With 8,000 or more stocks to choose from you need a way to be on top of the stuff that moves.  I'll show you how to scan for just the stocks that have massive potential!  Using a combination of free services, paid services and basic fundamental scans you'll start with a watch-list of 12-30 stocks where turning $50 buchs into $500 is commonplace!
  • ZERO In On The Right Time Frame w Lowest Risk - Once we've identified the kind of movement that justifies the kind of risk were wiling to take, we then move to time frame.  In this portion of the training you'll learn that finding the right time frame is KEY in defining low risk.  This is how were able to risk so little to make so much.
  • How To Pick The Right Option - This is easy, I go over this in a way that even a brand new options trader can watch this video and pick the right option every time.  Sticking with our "Dead Simple" metaphor we will be doing nothing more than buying directional PUT and CALL options with pre-defined low risk.  You can manage your risk with complicated spread strategies OR you can mange your risk through asset allocation - this uses the latter.  With 2, 5 and 10 to 1 potential per trade there is no need to complicate this as you'll soon see!
  • Applying The 3 Question Filter - You can gain great insight into what price will do in the short term (3-12 days) by taking a careful look at the size of your impulse waves and the corrective patterns that follow.  We'll be going over these 3 questions in detail and I'll show you how to apply this question filter to all your candidates in a matter of seconds. 
  • Building A Wealth Empire Watch-List - Ultimately you want to have about 12 to 40 stocks and their corresponding time frames that fit the bill.  Then you simply review this list as often as your schedule allows.  Once you have this setup in a watch-list it takes just a few minutes to pull out a couple trades!  Trades where $50 bucks can grow to $500 in a matter of a few days!
I've Broken The Training Down Into
6 Easy Step by Step Videos...
Video 1 - Search and Scan and Watchlist - In this video you'll learn how to scan everything and narrow the entire market down to just the stuff that moves!

Video 2 - Time Frames -
Movement on a chart means nothing until we can forecast.  In this video I'll show you how to line up the most favorable time frma with each stock!

Video 3 - Options (Forex & Futures) -
In Video 3 we'll go over the option chain and show you how to find the right option in the chain that has the the biggest bang for the least amount of risk!

Video 4 - Risk and Entry -
Where you enter and set your stop is crucial. To tight and you'll get stopped out, too loose and you're taking on to much risk.  There are only 2 ways to set your stop and you'll master both in this video.

Video 5 - Moving Stop -
Once price gets cooking we want to use a moving stop.  Again there is a balance here we have to achieve, I'll show you how to move your stop in a manner that extracts maximum profit while locking in those profits!

Video 6 - EXIT -
You're not making money until you exit.  There are just 3 kinds of exits.  The moving stop in video 5, The entry stop in video 4 as well as an additional one Ill cover with you in this video!

300% Money back Guarantee!
You won't be left scratching your head.  In fact I'd bet money you could nail at least a half-dozen 5X trades over the next 90 days.  In fact I'm willing to bet that you will!

So, in addition to giving you a Full 30 Days to Try this out Without Risk, I'll go one better. 

If you actively trade this method and use this method to the letter as described, I'll bet you 300% on your money YOU WILL MAKE AT LEAST 6 TRADES that go 5 to1 on risk!
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