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The Art of Low Risk Profits


Imagine, a 477% gain a week, possible?

The $90 minimum on this trade would have reached $424.53

And $180 bucks would have landed you $850!

And to put this in perspective we have had about
30 of these BARN-BUSTERS in the last 6 weeks alone.

Its All Here Go Read The Step By Step Instructions.

A simple scan brought it on the radar…

We used the hourly chart and the daily to decide that
this had enormous upside with extremely low risk…(DSST!)

Here’s what the daily chart looked like when it came up on the radar…

We always move to the hourly to make sure we get the low-risk feel we need to justify the risk. Here’s what the hourly chart looked like…

So far “All Systems Go!”  If you go read the DSST Article Here you will see that both these time frames are in 100% compliance of the DSST method for a “Green Light!”

Next we needed to make sure the option chain wasn’t going to ream us a new one, so we went to the out of the money calls to see what was offered…

We were able to get a .90 cent fill!  This trade is a prime example of why I would rather look through 50 stocks that have crossed over rather than apply tons of filters to my scans.
You miss these IF you filter too much.  In my search and scan course I cover the importance of going lite on your filtering and instead sorting your results by performance and volume and % change.
Anyway about 6 days later we were ready to exit…
Our .90 cent option was worth over $5.00!

I’ve made this real easy for you to learn.  I’ve laid out the step by step instructions in the link below.  If you want to learn the art of swing trading LOW RISK setups, use that link below to get started today.

The Art and Craft of Dead Simple Swing Trades.

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