How To Make a Substantial Monthly Income with Little $50 Dollar Trades!

So would you like to make a living as a trader?

Do you want to enjoy life traveling in an RV, hitting your favorite vacation spots or just relaxing in the sun at home?

All while making $1,000’s weekly from your trades?

Most people experience some success as a trader but they (and 95% of the trading population) eventually start to lose money. (If they ever make any at all.)

Then they go crazy trying to figure out why, then they move on to the next shiny object and repeat the cycle.

Then, as the years go by they eventually give up, or just continue to struggle year after year after year.

Sound familiar?

So what’s the fix?


This is going to sound real simple because it is.  Lets just dig right in.  I’ll show you step by step, how to set this up using a FREE tool called Google Sheets!

This will allow YOU to QUICKLY optimize a handful of trade setups that WORK with remarkable consistency.

My ideal model personally is a $50 to $100 option trade that returns about $250 to $400.

You may be different, but I would say this is the minimum “Level of Play!”

This will work on ANYTHING by the way, Stocks/Options, Forex, and any number of other contracts, Barrels or Bushels!

Ideally, you’ll want to be trading 3-5 “Setup Types” I’ll give a few of my favorites to use FREE.

You want a little variety.  This could be some breakout, bounce, reversal or continuation, but it needs to be clearly defined so that it TOO can be optimized! (Don’t worry its EASY as PIE!)

You can expand your “setup” diversity as you become well versed in the setups you optimize and master.

When things get ruff, you’ll cut to only your strongest winning strategy symbol combinations.

These types of thoughts are what will run through your mind as you begin to trade like this.

There’s just nothing quite like knowing that something DOESN’T WORK AT ALL, as well as pinpointing SOMETHING THAT WORKS EXTREMELY WELL, and optimizing your results!

JUST FACTS – No “Head in the Sand Trading” allowed.

If you want additional help with setup, and how to “Turn the wheels” so to speak, there’s more help available at the end of this article.

Starting Out

I like to teach people how to do this the easy way.  Ill show you the kind of tracking you CAN do, and the kind you should start with.

It all starts with a setup. In the first article we looked at my BBX setup.  This is a Bollinger Band Extreme setup, where we take action if minimum criteria are met when price reaches an extreme Bollinger Band level, it’s a reversal strategy that uses small trades ($50 to $100) with potential gains of $250 to $400+. Its very easy and stress FREE when done correctly.

So our BBX setup has a set of “Criteria” that we use to get into and out of the trade our trades the only thing different is now OVER TIME we optimize our rules for peak performance.

So let me throw this out there to get you thinking, so you can see where I’m going with this

Testing Combinations Options

You can test in various ways and for various reasons.  NO ONE does this, so what you are about to learn will put you HEAD AND SHOULDERS above even pro level traders.

Here an example of variations I test…

1 Setup / 10 Symbols – Here we are trying to find a good fit for our “setup” attempting to identify which symbol, pairs or contracts work best with our a particular setup.

5 Setups / 1 Symbol – Here we are trying to find out how to best trade a specific symbol, pair or contract so we are essentially testing setups.  We can use one symbol that has nice range and flow, and test it with 5 setup types to identify which setups work best for said symbol.

5 setups / 5 symbols – Here we are kind of doing both.  It may take more time to identify profitability here, but in the end, we end up with some setup and symbol combinations that can have us sitting pretty for 6-12 month stretches.

Keep in mind we are tracking and optimizing rules as well as basic trade fundamentals.

The simplest way to start out, and start to see immediate success is to test one “proven” setup and 10 symbols or pairs or contracts or whatever.

The goal being to find some underlying and time frame that your setup “favors” then scale up your winners until you’re hitting your monthly income or wealth building goals.

Then move on to the next optimization process. Once you get the hang of it you will actually enjoy the heck out of it!

Don’t worry if this SOUNDS intimidating, ITS NOT.  Its all about data, and once you start compiling it properly, you are not going to believe the doors you open for profitability.

So, for the sake of learning something cool lets look at 1 setup and 10 symbols on options deal?

But first let me tell you something about…

Swing Trading

Before we start I really need to tell you this.  We are all swing traders.  It doesn’t matter how long or how little you stay in a trade, we are all swing traders because we are relying on swing structure to dictate probabilities.

If you’re not, you’re trading simply trading with a blind fold on.

Many of you don’t even know this, so let me give you a quick lesson.  Swing structure is everything.  Swing highs and swing lows as well as impulse and corrective wave patterns make up every move on a chart.

You can pinpoint low risk entry and exit by simply observing swing structure on a couple time frames.

You can come up with dozens of your own setups by simply mastering swing structure.

We can see strength and weakness make up its mind by simply observing these patterns.


There are some subtleties within this image that are KEY to your long term success. In and of itself this is a complete system in its most basic form, and its imperative that this becomes a part of you.

The image above is a typical reversal.  Study it, notice how on the way down you have a series of lower swing lows, and lower swing highs. Then we get a double bottom where price fails to make a lower low, (clue) the next swing high takes out the prior swing high, and now, with a high degree of certainty, we can assume that the reversal has completed.

This is the only “pattern” you ever need to learn.

Flip it upside down, zoom out to a larger time frame or zoom in to a smaller one and you will see this same pattern just repeats its self into infinity.

Want to study something? Study this!

What You’ll Need

All you need is Google sheets or an Excel spreadsheet and a couple setups to start with.

Depending upon what we are optimizing for will depend on what you track, here is what a fully optimized month can look like with just 1 setup.

This is for the BBX setup which is a little unique in that we are simply optimizing the system rules because of the nature of the setup.

A symbol or pair may not reveal a setup on a daily chart but about every 1-3 months or so.  In which case we are really only optimizing setup rules. You’ll see what I mean in a second…

In this case we use our spreadsheet to optimize our “rules tracking sheet” and then we end up with highly profitable results like this after just a couple months of trading.

Now we can scale this!!!

96% Profit across the board after optimization and rules that have been adjusted as a result of our efforts, and now we can scale.

We can easily turn this into a $5,000 a month income!

Now I don’t want to confuse you, I just want you to see the potential here.

This is how simple my rules were to get the optimization for the trades above we traded approximately 30 trades over a two month period, optimized our rules and in round 2 hit a 96% overall return!

All With Incredibly Small Risk!

(BELOW) Our initial BBX rules and our optimized rules that allowed us to achieve the 9/10 winners and 96% profit on $50 dollar trades.  The trade amounts are higher because of adding to positions which we’ll cover later. 

The image below is our OSB setup LONG its just about ready to blow, this setup is a little different than BBX because it occurs more often, so we can optimize rules and for symbols. Make sense?

When things are HOT I can find a few of these a day on a daily chart. So in this situation we will optimize  rules as well as symbols! AGAIN, the high occurrence of the setup allows us to optimize for symbols.

The OSB uses consecutive lower closes, strong prior support and a stochastics confirmation.

Simple stuff really…

But The magic is in the optimization!!!

Any of this making sense? 😊

It really is easy, however I understand many of you may need some help with setting up charts, scanning for ideal conditions and formatting your google sheets for optimization.

To help you get up to speed fast Im in the process of making a series of 6 step by step videos that cover the following in great detail. No fluff just 6 short 20-30 min. videos that cover…

  • Tracking and Optimization – How to optimize rules without “over-optimizing” and how to optimize for symbols with common occurring “swing structure” style setups.
  • 3 Killer Setups – In my 15 years of trading its these 3 that outshine them all!
  • How To Trade Swing Structure – Your life will change when you learn how to Master Swing Structure!  I’ll cover it with you in a way that takes the blinders off permanently!
  • The Only Scans That Matter – So many traders go crazy with scans, but the truth there is only a couple thngs you need to scan for. I’LL SHOW YOU THEM!
  • Scaling Your Winners – You put in the work, you go your data, notw the fun starts and you’re about to hit profit gaols you never dreamed possible. Thats all I can say here! 🙂
  • Setting Up Charts and Spreadsheets – How to setup your charts and spreadsheets for tracking and optimization toward scaling wining combinations.

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If you have been frustrated with the markets and your trading, this may just be the ticket you need to finally make a living trading.

We have taken setups and trading systems that produced losses or marginal returns, to double digit monthly returns consistently.

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