How To Make a Comfortable Living with Super High Profit $50 to $100 Dollar Option Trades…

This will be a unique approach to conveying an important message. One that has the power to steer you down a financial path of success that you may NEVER realized was possible.

Sounds dramatic I know, but its true.

I’ve been trading for over 15 years now, and it wasn’t until recently that I discovered something rather AMAZING.  This involves a little work, and some thinking, I hope that doesn’t scare you off.

Many of us are not willing to put in the work, and you’ll know if that’s you or not because when the work is presented to you, and you look at it and think “No thanks” it just means you weren’t ready, you weren’t hungry enough, you weren’t serious enough.

So if you trade “Just for Fun” and don’t really care about your results, this will be a turn off.  If however you truly desire to make a profit as a trader, if you really want to supplement or replace your income, you’re gonna love it!

The work isn’t that hard, it just takes a little time and a little advanced preparation, as well as rock solid tracking.

So if you are READY to “Next Level” your trading game, then please, keep reading!

Imagine you had 1 or 2 very specific trade setups, and each worked like magic on a very specific time frame, and market cycle. One of them gave you 1-3 trades a week on the 15 min. or the hourly chart, while the other revealed itself on the daily and hourly chart, also 1-3 times a week!

But you could count on these 2-6 trades like clock-work…

What If You Could Pull in $1,000’s in Profits a Week or More?

Can you imagine discovering something like that?  2 Stocks, 2 Time frames one setup and $1,000’s weekly!

Would you like a little help sniffing out such a plan?

So the question becomes, how do we identify these 2 setups?  How do we know which time frames, AND how can we pinpoint which stocks, Forex pairs or Futures contracts?

AND so many other details!

Rest easy, keep reading and not only will I show you exactly how its done, I’ll even hand you for FREE, my most prized setup for you to practice with as you hone your craft.

Quick Story…

So over the last 2 years I spent almost $1 Million dollars marketing various products on Facebook, Youtube and Google – electronic gadgets to the mechanically inclined as well as preppers and survival types.

And I learned something extremely valuable that sent my trading profits soaring.

It took some time to implement and I WAS NOT profitable for a couple months, but then suddenly it was as if I had a crystal ball.

Once I put the work in, every trade I did was a winner!!

I learned this from a MILLION DOLLARS in advertising experience.

Without going into great detail about my Facebook, YouTube and Google Marketing experience, let me just say this, and we’ll start with this image…

What your looking at is about 10 days of advertising results, and the column on the right side is what it cost me to get a new customer.

If I can get a new customer for under $25, Im making a lot of money. Notice my average down below is just over $23, so over all I’m VERY happy.

Notice above however, we have several adsets that are costing me $40 to $80 dollars to get a customer, and that’s a problem.

You see I know that in order for me to make money I need to be under $25, and at $40 to $80 to acquire a customer those adset are actually LOSING me money.

You see ultimately its all about DATA!!!

When your advertising on Facebook, YouTube and Google its about the image or video in the ad, the words or “copy” you write in the ad, and the audience you show it too.

When you get all of that up and running and you are tracking everything, after a few weeks, the best image, the best words, the best video and the best audiences will reveal themselves.

If you do it right, you almost REMOVE the risk!

Then it becomes about cutting out the bad and shifting budget to the good.  In the pay-per-click advertising business we call it optimization!

Would you like to learn how to optimize your trading, and improve it over time?

When I shift those budgets that are getting me customers for $80 dollars, and spend it on the ones that are performing well, what do you think happens to my $23 average?

It drops to $15 or $18!

Adding $5-8 dollars extra to my per order profits! At 50 sales a day, a simple shift in budget ads $250-400 a day to my pocket!

Shifting Budget

So in the example above I would take the $200 a day spend on each of those $40 to $80 adsets and shift about a $1,000 a day TOTAL spend to my best performing adsets.

We call this “Shifting Budget!”

Again we are optimizing for performance… profits.

Are you starting to see how this might be beneficial to your trading?

In the business of marketing ANYTHING online we use another term called METRICS.  And within all the metrics we can watch closely there are some KEY METRICS that really matter.

KEY METRICS refer to the ones that REALLY MATTER!

So lets talk about trading now…

So the first thing you need are 1-3 (or 4-5) high probability setups.  Trading “situations” that are likely to produce a profitable outcome.

Be aware that NO MATTER HOW AMAZING YOUR SETUP IS, if you apply it to the universe of stocks (options or pairs or contracts) you will always lose, or at best have a 50/50 shot for a win.

Your setup needs optimization, it needs to be applied to a set of circumstances that you have proven have merit through some form of back or forward testing.

Once you have a setup that you are comfortable and it makes sense, you have to start looking at KEY metrics and recording them as you go, in a spreadsheet, in detail – we call this PAYING FOR DATA.

In the advertising world we will spend $5,000 USD or more to identify winning combinations, we are willing to LOSE MONEY to get this information. We’re looking for things like…

The best IMAGE
The best WORDS in the ad
The best audiences, etc…

Most of it won’t work, but when the dust settles we very often find one or two things that DID work, that we can SCALE! (Scale means GO BIG!)

In advertising the bottom line metric we look to, to see if we are making money is called our CPA, which means cost per acquisition.  If we can acquire a customer for $25 for example and bring in $70 for each sale, and deliver goods for $20 total cost, then it costs us $45 to bring in $70.

That gives us $25 profit per customer, then we take our winning combinations and scale to 100 sales a day and make $2500 a day.

You can do the same with your trades…

Track and Scale Your Trades

So what do you track? How do you scale?

Again, this starts with a setup, so lets use a very specific example.  I call this setup BBX, it is a Bollinger Band Extreme Setup, lets look at how it works.

DXC Technology company

This is DXC on 5/29/18 when we entered the trade.  This is a trade setup we rated 7 out of 10 which is SOLID.  Im usually game for 7+ on my trades because my odds are extremely high with a rating of 7 or above. Its a real simple setup where price moves outside of the upper or lower Bollinger Band in an extreme fashion, to solid support or resistance.

Here is the criteria we use when deciding to take a BBX setup. This criteria is for this setup, other setups have other criteria.  Sometimes I’ll add more to my criteria, sometimes Ill remove some of this. Bottom line is I want an effective yet efficient way to GRADE my setup, and make entry or skip the trade.

So this is an extreme move that is likely to “Bounce Back” towards the mean. Things that make this “more likely” are how quickly it happened, how big the moves are relative to prior days, and the levels of support that may have been reached.  So we judge them all on a scale of 1-10.

This takes a little practice but you’ll get a feel for it after a few simple trades.

BBX Criteria:

  1. How big is the move to the extreme? – From the past you can see this 2 day move took out 20 days of prior price action. Its extreme for sure.  I rated it an 8, but it could easily be a 9.  I rarely rate things 10 because I want to lean to the conservative side as I assess.
  2. How much bigger than prior days price action? – Prior days averages are around a $1.00 dollar.  These two candlesticks dropped $10 dollars, so thats 1000% greater than prior days. So a rating of 8-9 is appropriate.
  3. How fast? – Real fast it happened in 2 days, an easy 8.
  4. Retracements or Extension Compliance? – Ill cover this later, but I like to use Fibs retracements and extensions for added support or resistance, and DXC almost touched the 261.8 extension level exactly before its reversion to the mean. Had it touched before the reversal I would have rated it a 7+.  Also when this is happening its time to enter, so usually this is the last thing you are watching BEFORE you enter.
  5. Support or Resistance Level Reached? – There is some swing high support on the left, nothing real important so I gave it a 5.
  6. Is There More Than 1 Extreme Candle? –  The more the better, although 1 extreme candle can work if you’re other criteria are 7+.  So if there is just one extreme candle I might rate it a 5 or less, and if there are two or more extreme candles Ill rate it a 5+ depending on size and number of candles.

So this is how we rate our BBX setup. Its not hard, just takes a little practice and you can do it in literally 1minute.

Now that we have covered the setup itself, lets look at what we track, and I’ll use this trade as an example.

There are lots of things you can track when it comes to trades. The end game is your overall profit right? That’s the bottom line metric! In the end its “How much did I make this month?”

What you must realize is that there are a ton of metrics that lead to how much you make.

Market cycle, spread, risk, profit taking, cutting losses, % return, overall attempts at setup, how you rated the trade, volume and MORE.

Its these metrics that DEFINE your profitability!

Are You Tracking Them?

How can you get better if you’re not making these observations?

You see, if I make 20 BBX trades and I track everything, even if I lose overall, I can go look at what did work, and duplicate my efforts there.  This allows me to optimize toward higher profitability.

It makes it so that if I traded $2500 and only broke even, I can now go through my data and find the “winning combinations” and take my losses BACK 10 fold!

Can you imagine taking back all the money you lose over the years back 10 fold?

You will do that from now on.  Any future loss for you from this day forward will always improve your game, you will forever be optimizing your trading if you follow this plan.

Very often the several thousand you trade will break-even, but after optimization your next several thousand will net you substantial, sizable profits.

You will be able to identify the problems with your losers and the common traits from your winners and expand on the winning metrics – AND SCALE!

Here’s what Im tracking right now… (Click to enlarge)

Basically I need to track the following:

  1. How much was the trade?
  2. How much did I make?
  3. How much did I risk?
  4. How long did it take?
  5. How did you rate the trade?

Then we got symbol, spread, stop, take profit and METHOD!

Now imagine for a moment after tracking 3-6 trades a week or more or less, for a couple months you would have DATA on up to 60 trades!

Do you have any idea what you can do with that information?

If your setup is right, and your diligent at your tracking you can literally write your own check!

It really is Amazing.

If you want to see more on how to do this let me know in the comments below.

Here’s the outcome on DXC, about a 52% return, which takes me out of the trade with a healthy profit! 🙂

This trade went on to produce much more, but I have a 50% rule and I very often get it with just a small POP like this on the BBX setup!

If You Want To See More Comment Below!

Comment below.  If I get enough interest in this I’ll elaborate!  Feel free to ask questions as well!

99% of all traders don’t do this.  And those that do, don’t do it right.  A lot of people keep trade journals to “reflect” but have NO IDEA how to optimize going forward.

If you’re not hitting you’re trading goals, this is the WHY!

If you want to learn how to do this effectively so that every trade you make is optimizing your profits going forward, just comment below – let me know you’d like to see more. If I get enough interest I’ll either make some videos or condusct a free webinar!

Mark Deaton


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